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What is The Northwest Market?

The Northwest Market is a curated market by The Northwest Market team hosted once a month on a Saturday. We are rooted in supporting local makers, curators, artists, musicians, and culinary innovators.

We believe our creative community is the heart and soul of El Paso and we’re dedicated to creating space to best showcase our local talent and represent the culture and craft of our unique city. Our monthly market is held at The Canyons at Cimarron in Northwest El Paso.

Upcoming Markets


10AM - 2PM

Interested In Selling At Our Market?

Read through our most commonly asked questions below to learn more about The Northwest Market before applying.

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  • What is The Northwest Market?
    The Northwest Market is a pop up market in El Paso. Located at The Canyons at Cimarron, the market takes place once a month on a Saturday. The markets take place from 10am -2pm. Please check here for current Market dates. Market consists of live music, local vendors, food & beverage and interactive stations.
  • What kinds of products and services are sold at The Northwest Market?
    Our vendors create and/or sell various forms of art, photography, jewelry, apothecary items, clothing, gift, and lifestyle items. Food ranges from pub fair, various bakery and dessert offerings. (We highly encourage our food vendors to offer vegan options.) Beverage ranges from coffee, tea, and water. Services offered at The Northwest Market range from massage, yoga, educational/creative workshops, portrait photos, etc. Farmers are welcomed to be a part of The Northwest Market We are always open to exploring other product and service offerings as well.
  • How many of each type of vendor are accepted?
    We typically have up to five food vendors (non-dessert) and up to five dessert food vendors. There will be no food trucks or on-site cooking allowed. We want to encourage market-goers to enjoy the eateries available at The Canyons at Cimarron. Due to the restaurants available at The Canyons at Cimarron, the types of food not allowed to sell at the market are: Pizza Sushi, Ceviche, or any type of seafood BBQ Smoothies Ice Cream Alcoholic Drinks As for makers, we allow up to about five per industry at each market (this also depends on how much of a niche market an industry is- we will cap at our discretion so we do not have an over saturation of any particular industry).
  • What is The Northwest Market looking for in a vendor?
    We are looking for creative professionals who are timely, respectful, and offer a quality product. Our market is very family friendly so we also require our vendors to be mindful that their artwork/products do not have explicit content or visual representation.
  • Do you accept independent consultants from MLM companies or resale?
    We accept consultants who are branding their products under their own brand, or offer an exclusive product or service that is separate from the MLM (example: a DoTerra consultant who sells their own roller ball blends/a custom diffuser that they make, etc).
  • How big are the booth spaces, and how much do they cost?"
    Booth spaces are: 10'x10' ($65) and WHITE tent only event
  • What are some guidelines I should be aware of before applying?
    We are a pop up market in Northwest El Paso, therefore there are a limited amount of booths. Vendors must bring their own white or branded canopies (not taped signs, must be a printed canopy) along with their set-up to display their products. We also do not allow flyering or tabling (handing out pamphlets throughout the market), though we are very open to collaborating on educational and interactive tables that provide an experience to attendees of the market. High quality photos of your product/service and clear photos of your display do help us tremendously when deciding on approval for our market. Please be sure to link social platforms where we can find you as well. Please note: when you do apply, it may take several days to receive a response. If you are not approved for The Northwest Market, we will do our best to direct you to other local markets that may be more appropriate. Thank you for your interest in The Northwest Market!
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